Policyholder Diligence Ensures You’re InsuredPolicyholders take notice – a recent New York case highlights the importance of thoroughly analyzing and understanding all policy language to minimize project risk and ensure proper coverage. As an illustration, the Court of Appeals of New York recently held that a named additional insured was not covered under an insurance policy because the plain

Drones: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Three Insurance Strategies for this New TechnologyUse of unmanned aircraft ­– drones – has grown dramatically in recent years, but purchase of coverage for drones has lagged behind. If your company has not revised its insurance program to include drone coverage, your company could be without coverage for this new and increasingly important technology.

More than 2.5 million drones were

New York’s highest court recently ruled that a commercial general liability (CGL) policy’s additional insured provision, similar to ISO form no. CG 20 33 04 13, does not grant additional insured status to a third party not contracting directly with the named insured. The contract between the project owner and the subcontractor required the subcontractor